Upcoming Workshop Dates


Upcoming Workshop Dates

Health Improvement Programme

posted on: Tuesday 23rd April 2013

 The health improvement programme is a weekly course, lasting for up to eight weeks. It covers:

  • Tips for positive thinking
  • The benefits of laughter and fun
  • How to recognise stress in ourselves and our lives
  • Practical ways to manage stress
  • Ways to improve sleep
  • A variety of relaxation techniques
  • Ways to manage pain
  • Communication skills
  • Ways to increase self-confidence and independence

 Health Improvement Programme will be taking place on the below dates.  To book yourself onto the programme or for further information contact the Sandwell Wellbeing Hub on 0303 033 9903 or email wellbeinghub@nhs.net    


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posted on: Thursday 05th September 2013

Transitions is a seven week course to support you to face changes mindfully, meet challenges head on, manage change whether in your personal life or in a workplace situation successfully. The course aims to give you the tools to handle transitions and adjustments, allowing you to consider your personal goals and make future plans.

To book yourself onto the course or for further information contact the Wellbeing Hub on 0303 033 9903 or email: wellbeinghub@nhs.net


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Breathing Space Programme

posted on: Tuesday 23rd April 2013

The breathing space programme is a weekly course, lasting four weeks.

Breathing Space is delivered with a Self Help Coach. Breathing Space is a breath awareness programme that helps individuals reduce feelings of stress and anxiety through harnessing mindful breathing techniques.

Using a Capnography machine (a machine that measures levels of carbon dioxide) and breath awareness techniques the client will develop an understanding of the relationship between breathing and wellbeing.

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Managing Emotions

posted on: Friday 12th December 2014



This course is designed to help you manage your emtions. It aims to equip you with coping strategies and techniques, to help you improve your life by managing these negative emotions, and promoting positive thinking. 

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